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The Triangle Method is designed to get your sales team to quickly qualify and close more revenue within 30 days!


Training Matters.

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A formula for creating the perfect sales team

Meryl Snow, has introduced a revolutionary new approach to organizing and training sales teams. Coined The Triangle Method, this must-have digital training platform has been created for owners to maximize their sales teams efficiency, significantly improve qualifying and closing ratios and increase sales as much as 40%.

The Triangle Method shifts accountability, including reaching quotas directly to the salesperson or sales team, allowing the owner to focus on the broader development of their business. Additionally, the days of constantly retraining new salespeople will be replaced with a system that effectively does the same repetitive work, so the owner no longer needs to.

“Bringing the Triangle Method to market is an exciting opportunity for myself and the entire catering world” says Meryl Snow, owner and operator of SnowStorm Solutions, ”My clients can now use this platform as a tool to create the perfect sales team!”

With the ability to train employees both on-site and remotely, Meryl’s new method gives employers the tools they need to grow a more efficient and profitable operation, while simultaneously producing a better product and exceptional level of service. Upon completion of the course, team members have the tools they need to close the deal...every time.

Many business leaders recognize that their workforce needs sales training skills, but less than 25% are willing to pay for it. Why? Because many do not understand the negative bottom line impact an unskilled workforce can have.

1.  Train    2. Test    3. Track

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What if your sales people were accountable for reaching their goals and the costly mistakes? 

What if you increased your booking ratio? 

What if your sales people paid for themselves?

What if you knew exactly how much money is out in proposals? 

What if you never have to pay for sales training again your sales team we're bringing in business not just order takers your new hire sales person was trained before their first day you never give a raise to a sales person again? 

What if  your team didn't waste time on unqualified leads? 

What if  you never hear again; "They didn’t book because our price was too high"?  Finally a proven repeatable sales training system for the special events industry.

No more sales books, conferences or training courses. You're being pulled in many directions. You bring in a sales trainer for underperforming sales team and six months later people move on and you need to train all over again or you don't do any sales training at all and are very frustrated with your teams results. What if there was a way to train your sales people to consistently hit or exceed their sales goals every month? The Triangle Method is a high leverage training platform, huge results with less effort.  


Q: What is the Triangle Method?
A: An 8-week online course for sales teams and Management. The Triangle Method is designed to get the sales team to quickly qualify and close more revenue within 30 days and teaches management processes setting up the sales team with accountability. A blueprint to attract, qualify and close profitable business.

Q: What happens during the 8-weeks?
A: You will be working with Meryl Snow one on one on weekly phone calls to start the process on the Management Portal to set up processes & systems.

Q: What happens AFTER the 8-weeks?
A: You continue to use the online program with lifetime updates. You will be invited to a private facebook Mastermind group of like-minded management of the Triangle Method to continue the conversation.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: How much will it cost you to do nothing?


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Does this sound like your company?


You've tried going to conferences, bringing in experts, providing books and sales material but nothing seems to stick.

You dread Monday morning sales meetings because week after week, the performance is either the same as previous weeks or often declining.

The high turnover in your sales team causing you to take time from the more important work you do to recruit and find new talent and the costs involved in training someone new.


The salespeople are spending too much time writing proposals to unqualified prospects.

Your sales people think they lost an event because of price.

You set up policies & procedures and yet they don’t follow them properly (or they say, "I didn't know that").

You'd like to have your salespeople trained BEFORE their first day.




Sales training for the Special Events Industry

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Learn the following and so much more with
The Triangle Method. 

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Hiring a great salesperson

Traditional recruitment and interview methods work in some cases; however, you may have been utterly disappointed by the outcome. While there is no surefire way to guarantee that your newly hired salesperson is going to be a winner, here are a series of hiring techniques that have been very successful.


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Setting Goals

The importance of individual sales goals gives your salespeople personalized attention so they perform at their peak. Achieving sales volume goals for your business is one of the biggest challenges any owner faces.


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Contracts & Compensation

A contract is important as it protects you and it protects the employee. You can’t go into this with eyes wide shut because it's a relationship. You should have a mutually-beneficial relationship on paper.


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Motivating your team

Motivating a team is one of the most important things that a leader can do. Without guidance, employees can flail and suffer, unsure of what to do next and how to succeed to their highest potential.

Meryl’s unique approach to sales and marketing development is
ground-breaking for the industry.
— Carl Sacks Managing Director Certified Catering Consultants, New York


The Triangle Method is designed to get your sales team to quickly qualify and close more revenue within 30 days!

8 Week Online Course for Your Sales Team

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Reach your goals

Together, we’ll dial into your sales procedures, your compensation plans, and get absolute clarity on how to reach your goals as fast as possible… and you’ll get an exact strategy to make it all happen.